Friday, 12 July 2013

Happy birthday Orsolo

Orson is 10 weeks old today. Furthermore, he's around a year old this  month!
That is, it's a year since he started growing and developing inside me :)

I realise old habits die hard, but in some ways its surprising that we still measure peoples age from the date they were born, rather that from when they were conceived. Obviously, back in the day the precise time of conception was unknown (still is to some extent). But its funny to still use this, even though whether a baby is early or late has huge consequences for when it will reach its developmental milestones. I think of Orson as a week older than his birth date, as he was a week late, and arrived with loads of hair and bath-wrinkled skin. But I've known him loads longer than 11 weeks, most intimately!! I even recognise some of his traits - lying on his left side, staying up late - from before.

And of all the developmental thresholds he has crossed in the last year, swapping water for air is just one among many.

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