Sunday, 3 November 2013

0.5 years old already

Such a cliche, but doesn't time  fly. It's hard to believe this small man with all his knowing smiles, skeptical glances and vocabulary of coos and squawks was ever a wriggling, snuffling little newborn animal.
Even his poos look human now :P

It's incredible that in just six months (the time it usually takes me to write a Thankyou letter, or to realise I need a haircut) my boy has learnt how to eat toast, sit, stretch his arms out to be picked up, turn the pages of his bedtime story and ping my bra straps. And obv these are just the silly superficial things that make us laugh, never mind the way his gut, vision, muscles, etc etc etc have developed.

Thank God evolution knows what its doing, that's all I can say, ironically. Imagine if we were required to understand all this stuff and bring it about?! No offence to psychology, medicine, or science in general, but we know f all about the most important things in life - how to stay pregnant, how to start labour, how to raise a happy child. Fortunately our bodies mainly take it in their stride or get our instincts to take care of it. Some things are clearly way too important to be trusted to human intellect.

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