Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Ten months: second week

Not that I'm counting the weeks any more but I signed up to these annoying baby-centric apps that send out weekly updates about 'what your baby is up to this week' so I know I'm in month ten, second week. I'll tell you what my baby is up to this week: smearing his dinner in his hair, chewing on power cables and smashing his face into all available surfaces. Oh and not sleeping. Did I mention the not-sleeping?

I've just given my last lecture of the term
- intro to philsophy of science, for science students. How did it go? Well I got to the end and didn't skip any, which is something. On my evaluations some student suggested I 'try to sound more enthusiastic'. They weren't my finest hour. But that comment was written the week I talked about Kuhnian revolutions after a full week of being woken at least five times a night. I can't be enthusiastic about anything after that little sleep.

Fortunately, they weren't all as bad as that, daddy did an amazing job of getting me at least five hours sleep the night before lectures, and some of the students were really enthusiastic about how the course has shone a new light on their scientific degrees. That's the outcome I'm really looking for. In any case, I'm proud of myself for battling through the course in what have been rather trying circumstances - very little sleep, very little child-free time, very few brain cells to rub together. Now I'm looking forward to having my sundays back!

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