Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Happier times ahead!

I couldn't be more pleased to shout to the world that the Clarke-Ducas' luck has changed: we're expecting another baby!

It has been a nerve-shredding few months, and we've been reticent about getting our hopes up too much. But this week I cleared the psychologically massive 16 week mark, and today I heard the sweet sound of the little thing's heart galloping away. So we're celebrating at last! 

My due date is July 1st, so my summer plans have changed somewhat. I've got a huge 'thank-you' to the two institutions that have been flawlessly kind and accommodating of my new circumstances - Leeds who are allowing me to delay the beginning of my lectureship, and All Souls who are going to grant me a period of maternity leave.  I'll now take up my position at Leeds in January 2017 and remain in Oxford until then. It's going to be an interesting year.

Philosomama: here we go again!

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Roly Perera said...

Yay! Brilliant to here...let's catch up soon, either Oxford or Bristol.