Wednesday, 5 September 2018


Does anyone else walk past this image a lot lately and think 'Joy?' I think Jennifer Lawrence is great, I loved the hunger games especially, but I can't help but notice that this is not a very joyful expression from her. That she is pulling the same passive, half-dead, 'I won't resist if you assault me' face that women have been pulling in artworks for centuries.
Its vulnerable but apathetic. Her face says she is about to give the viewer joy, and the viewer is a bloke. And it pisses me off every time!

Going for the Ophelia look i.e. actually dead.

Why couldn't they have gone for something more like this?

Or this? 
Okay i'm done.


Berti May said...

Ellen, you are my hero. This advert has been bugging me so much! Totally agree with you and am really disappointed that they couldn't choose a genuine image of JOY. Who knew I cared so much about perfume/Jennifer Lawrence....

Ellen Clarke said...

Thanks Bertie. I think i've just blown my hopes of being the next Dior 'influencer' though