About me

I'm a Lecturer at the University of Leeds. I research the philosophy of biology, especially levels of selection (see my academic website here https://ellenclarke.net/)

On May 3rd 2013 baby Orson Alessandro was born and set me on a new trajectory towards increasing feelings of joy and purpose (also exhaustion and spatteredness (new word), though i hope these are decreasing).

I love my job to bits. I get to hang out with the cleverest people in the world, listen to talks on all sorts of fascinating and unexpected topics and totally design my own daily schedule. Most of all I get to spend my days in a blissful state of gentle, unhurried exploration of the most twisting and unexpected intrigues that make up what we call the theory of evolution by natural selection.

At least, all that was true before May 3rd. This blog is a diary of my unfolding journey from  monkish academic through full-time stay at home mom, all the way (I hope) to work-life balanced fulfillment. Can I do it? Will everything fall apart? Will I fail as a mother, as an academic, or both?

Living matter does the weirdest things and I will never fall out of love with the attempt to make sense of it all. However, now that I really have produced my very own lump of living matter, is that passion going to be overshadowed by the new, biggest love story of my life?

Let's find out : )

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