Tuesday, 10 March 2020


Bumping this from 2014. My husband visited his family in Northern Italy last week, so now he is following UK government advice and has put himself on self-isolation. It is mildly annoying - after a week of him being away, I was looking forward to putting my feet up while he took over bedtimes, and now it looks like I'm stick being single mum and delivering meals to his door for two weeks. And I had a bit of a cold before he even came back. On the other hand, I sure as hell am glad we are talking Covid-19 rather than Ebola. Nonetheless, it is going to be very interesting to see how individualistic countries like the UK and US respond to this. Will we tolerate mass quarantine? Will our governments even suggest it? Lots of people seem to think toilet roll will help them see this epidemic through - they musta been watching different zombie films than me. I at least have a decent stock of grappa.